Ezine Finder

Since 1998 the Ezine Finder has been a premier directory of ezines and email newsletters. Here are the top ezines in our directory. Click through to find their subscription information.

Dear Webby's Humor Letter

Clean humor and tech tips. Daily since 1994! Clean humor without stereotyping. No lawyer or blonde or racial jokes. Answers to daily tech support questions from subscribers, the International Bonehead Award, and a funny or exceptionally beautiful picture.

Ophelia Dingbatter's News

Humor for grown-ups. Not always suitable for church or kindergarten, but not gross or nasty. Just good fun for adults.

Cajun Cooking

Cajun Cooking is a free daily newsletter, bringing you recipes from around the world, funny jokes, recipe requests and more. We try and bring you the "best of the best" available. Also features antics of our wacky quacky duck chef, Georgette!

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