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"Learn To Trust Your Heart"
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Issue 252

http://askAlana.com - "Helping you learn to trust your heart"

Body - Mind - Spirit - Heart


In this week's issue, our questioner wants to embrace a deeper
sense of self-love. Alana gently encourages this person to
create greater distinctions between sacrifice and self-care.

Warm Wishes,
Sandy & Kirk

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Alana Quote of the Week

"When we sit in reaction, we are outside of ourselves trying to
determine who we are by looking at that which is also outside of
ourselves. When we are in creation, we bring forth mirrors for us
to see, and from that we can create."

-- Alana

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Awareness Series

Question: How do I learn to really love myself? I have spent a
lifetime of being interested and involved in other people's
lives, but not my own. If others don't go out of their way to
show me that they love me, then I feel unloved and unlovable.
From this, I feel devoid of self-love.

Answer: Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question. The
honesty that you brought forth is very much appreciated. You
see, so few people have felt themselves enough to be able to
distinguish where their self-worth and values come from. The
fact that you are aware is very good. "Good" meaning that when
one becomes aware of a quality within, it means they are at a
place now where they can make a choice. So, now we can
celebrate. We can celebrate that you are beginning to learn how
to find a path into yourself and to find that your worth comes
from within you!

It is delightful when others validate us, yes? It is delightful
when we get to see others around us and recognize they are
mirrors of our nature. The more that you grow into a love affair
with your nature, then the more opportunities you are going to
have to look outside yourself and ask, "What quality of mirrors
do I want in my life?"

In other words, ask yourself, "What type of people, what kind of
situations, will bring me joy?" As you do this, you will begin
to notice that you are making more and more choices. Perhaps you
will see that when an individual is not as kind as you would
like them to be, you will be able to communicate honestly to
them and say, "You know, I don't know quite how I feel about
that. It does not feel good to me." By expressing this kind of
honesty, you will find that you are "holding them able" and you
are creating a clear definition about yourself. You have also
declared what kind of mirrors you would like to have in your
life. A mirror is a reflection that tells you about your values.
It tells you about your needs. Actually, recognizing this is an
action of self-love.

Now, let's get to a deeper explanation of self-love. Look at the
journey of exploring what it is that makes you happy and what is
within your own scope of expressions. Perhaps you could go on an
inner journey and discover what your life could look like if you
surrender to things that interest you. Ask yourself a series of

Ask yourself, "If I could do anything I wanted right now, what
would it be? If I were ten years older right now and I knew
fully who I am, and acted upon my nature, what would my life
look like?" Go into an exploration of yourself and then you will
find self-love will begin to be ignited.

Another thing you can do is to continue to learn how to say no
when things do not please you. You will find by doing this that
you will create more and more opportunities to say yes!

So, perhaps this will give you a few ideas to explore. Thank
you, dear one.


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Testimonial of the Week: Rosemarie Koepflir from Pasadena, California, USA

"I feel so blessed from finding your web site, and enjoy the weekly
message and answers from Alana. I've been on a spiritual journey
for many years, and I want to know where joy lives. I want to find
out exactly what it is that makes people happy. I meet people
from all walks of life and I tell them to explore Alana's
answers. For me it is very inspirational and uplifting. I am
grateful and thank you dear Sandy and Kirk. God bless you!"

Rosemarie Koepflir, Catering, Special Event & Meeting Planner
Pasadena, California

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End of Issue 252

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