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The Traveler
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A New Kind of Travel Ezine - Our network of travel writers brings you the world. Every month we feature travel stories, ideas, resources, and bargains We'll also give you our Travel Writing Pick-of-the Month Subscribe for Free! The Adventure Awaits...

Publisher Q&A

How long have you published The Traveler?
Publisher: I've published The Traveler monthly since June of 2001
How did you get started publishing The Traveler?
Publisher: The Traveler started as I began to develop the website TouristTravel.com and as I became more actively involved in travel writing. The Traveler is the product of these two aspects - travel and travel writing
What can a reader expect from an issue of The Traveler?
Publisher: Fist, they will find a colorfully formated newsletter - those that don't like html email can simply click a link. Each issue contains several current travel bargains or tour packages, in addition to some travel ideas and resources to get the imagination going - "Where to go to this year..." Also, we offer fun, informative, and interesting travel articles from our growing network of international travel writers. Finally, we offer our "travel writing pick-of-the-month". Our choice for good travel journalism or literature.
What is the most rewarding aspect of publishing The Traveler?
Publisher: Creating something new every month for my readers to enjoy. Doing something that I love. Meeting new people from all over the world.
Is there anything else that you like to mention about The Traveler?
Publisher: Well, it's free to subscribe. We also actively encourage new writers to contribute to the newsletter, so if you're interested in becoming a travel writer, we're interested in helping you get started!

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