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Currently 563 Ezines are listed in our directory.

The Ezine Finder has been operation for nearly 9 years making us one of the oldest Ezine Directories online. It is free to be listed in our directory. All that we ask is that you mention the Ezine Finder occasionally in your newsletter, at least four times per year.

What are the benefits?

  • A listing in our directory.
  • Prominent link to your website.
  • Quick subscription form so that visitors to our site can subscribe to your Ezine (You can either have the subscribers sent to you or to an automatic subscription address).
  • Sample Issue of your Ezine.
  • Publisher Q and A section where you can answer general questions about your Ezine.
  • A Recommend This Ezine form so your readers can easily recommend you.
  • Your readers can come back and vote for your Ezine which will also increase your ranking in searches and on that Top Rated list.
  • You can edit your listing 24 hours a day by logging into your account.
  • Your readers can recommend your Ezine to others from our website.
  • Realtime Statistics.

What are the requirements?

  • You publish an ezine with unique content. We do not allow opt in advertising lists or spam mailing lists to be listed in this directory.
  • You agree not to sell, trade or use email addresses for any other purpose than subscription to your Ezine. Addresses can be used only to send the publication that has been requested.
  • You have unsubscription information posted in each issue of your ezine. Users must have the ability to unsubscribe easily.
  • You run our short advertisement at least once every three months.
  • No Adult Ezines are allowed.
  • Your Ezine must be approved for inclusion in our directory. This may require our viewing a few issues.

Can people come back to Ezine Finder and unsubscribe?

No, we do not handle unsubscriptions at this time. Subscribers will need to use the information provided in your ezine.

What kind of advertisement do I need to run?

You need to run one simple advertisement every three months to maintain a listing in our directory. We have made the ad short in hopes that it won't affect your ad sales for the issue in which it runs. It must appear in the upper 70% of your newsletter. We randomly subscribe to Ezines to make sure ads are being run and track statistics to insure that all ezines listed are actively supporting the directory. This is a cooperative effort and brings new faces to the Ezine Finder. We also send out a monthly newsletter for Ezine owners which contains your listing status and login information as well as the latest Ezine Finder news. Don't run an ad until you have been approved and added to our directory.

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Increase your visibility.

The placement of your Ezine in search results and the Top 50 list will be determined by the number of votes your Ezine receives. We watch the voting carefully for fraud and the Ezines in the Top 50 are rated by a calculation of the number of votes so those with the most votes will show up highest. The URL of your vote page can be published in your Ezine so your subscribers can show their support.

Where do I sign up?

You must be registered with the Ezine Finder. If you are already registered, use the login form on the left.

Click here to register.

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