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Nutrition Tips
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"Nutrition Tips"

From www.NutrActive.com
---Nutrition and Active Lifestyle Center

February 25, 2005

In this issue:

1. Top Sponsor's Ad
2. A Word from the Editor
3. Nutrition Tip (Part 1):
---Fat and Prostate Cancer
4. Advertisements
5. Recommended Book:
---Younger Next Year
6. Nutrition Tip (Part2)
7. Important Links to NutrActive

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A word from the editor:

Prostate cancer is as real a threat for men as breast cancer is
for women. This issue will give you some insight on how to lower
your risk of developing prostate cancer. Read on for how to
properly eat and how your waistline could affect your odds.

Best of Health!




In the U.S., prostate cancer kills nearly as many men as breast
cancer kills women. In non-smoking men it is the number one
cancer killer. Back in the 1960s, when adult men migrated from a
low-risk country, like Japan, to the U.S., their risk of prostate
cancer increased 3-fold and approached that of those who consumed
a Westernized diet from early childhood.

Another study found that the amount of animal fat consumed early
in life had little impact on the risk of developing prostate
cancer. However, more animal fat later in life was associated
with an increased risk of developing prostate cancer later in

Not only population studies but also case-control and cohort
studies all support a fairly strong connection between some
aspect of foods high in animal fats and the development of
prostate cancer. The intake of vegetable fat appears to have
little impact on the risk of developing prostate cancer.
However, total dietary fat intake could increase the risk of
prostate cancer by promoting excessive calorie intake and weight
gain. Overweight men had a 2.5-fold increased risk of developing
prostate cancer compared to men who were not overweight.

[Read below for the conclusion of this article...]

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NOTE: NutrActive is not responsible for the content our
advertisers put in their ads. While we do not allow offensive
material/subject matter or get-rich-quick schemes, we are not
responsible for false or non-scientific information provided by
our sponsors. If you find anything questionable, please feel
free to submit you specific question to Laura.RD@NutrActive.com.

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FAT and PROSTATE CANCER - continued

This same study of Seventh Day Adventists found a 3.6-fold
increase in the risk of developing prostate cancer in the men
who consumed the most meat, milk, eggs and cheese compared to
most vegetarian men. A large prospective study of about 50,000
men age 40 to 75 years also found about a 3-1/2-fold increased
risk in men who consumed the most fat. This study found the
strongest association with fat from red meat and prostate cancer.
A study of men who followed a very-low-fat, near vegetarian diet
and exercised daily for 3 weeks found a dramatic 50% drop in
serum estradiol levels and dramatically lower blood lipid levels.
Higher estradiol levels have been associated with an increased
risk of both heart disease and prostate cancer.

Bottom Line:
A diet high in meat, fatty dairy products, eggs and other sources
of animal fats, increases the risk of prostate cancer and
cardiovascular disease. A low-fat, high-fiber, more vegetarian
diet and increased exercise should dramatically reduce mortality
from both cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

[Source Communicating Food for Health]

1. J Nat Cancer Inst 1968;40:43-68
2. Am J Clin Nutr 1990;52:752-7
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4. Am J Epid 1984;120:244-50
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