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Mind Power Journal Newsletter
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Are you seeking a richer, better life? We offer motivational strategies for goal attainment, ancient secrets about wealth, health, success, happiness and peaceful living. Online membership option offers advanced courses, self analysis tools.

Publisher Q&A

How long have you published Mind Power Journal Newsletter?
Publisher: The Mind Power Journal Newsletter was launched in December, 2004. It is the culmination of over 20 years of documented research and provides anecdotal information that is unique in its content and format.
How did you get started publishing Mind Power Journal Newsletter?
Publisher: I collected feedback from a self actualization course while in graduate school. I promised a retiring professor that I would not let these gems of wisdom sit on a shelf and collect dust! By the way, I learned how to restructure my own life by using these techniques, so I know from firsthand experience that they are amazing tools for empowerment. I find great joy in sharing these insights with others and hearing about the breakthroughs people are experiencing. I also believe it is my responsiblity to keep this stream of knowledge flowing toward the minds of the future.
What can a reader expect from an issue of Mind Power Journal Newsletter?
Publisher: The newsletter contains inspirational articles designed for those seeking to really make the most of their journey on this planet! It also introduces insights into the ancient wisdom kept secret by generations of learned scholars. These insights are shared by those who have revealed the intricate workings of the human mind in order to destroy self imposed limitations. This freedom of thought allows one to create success, happiness, joy, and all other positive life experiences. This wisdom is buried in the tenets of all major religions, yet one does not need to any particular religious belief system in order to use these mind power techniques; they are as non-judgmental as the power of electritiy.
What is the most rewarding aspect of publishing Mind Power Journal Newsletter?
Publisher: The joy I have brought into my own life by living these principles led me to share them with others. I am delighted every time I see someone integrate these techniques, create a new life, and evolve into a more powerful and self actualized person. I share some of these stories in the newsletter and welcome feedback from readers.
Is there anything else that you like to mention about Mind Power Journal Newsletter?
Publisher: I would like to encourage each reader to try a Membership at the Mind Power Journal Website, in order to experience the totality of the learning experience that is available.

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