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ISSN: 1446-1447
Eva Browne-Paterson
Contact: evieb@evieb.com
Tuesday 7 October 2003

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How has your week been? Mine has been one of changes... But they
say a change is as good as a holiday. I've moved my ezine database
to a new server and it's working well. I've removed all web forms
from my site as they're unreliable... Back to good old email. You'll
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I'm changing the bottom's up contest prize for a while as I'm getting
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from today onwards, the prize will be a free graphic ad on the ad
submission page for one week. There's plenty of room there now
that the ad form has been removed. :~)

Today's Editor's Choice Ad Award goes to Patti Howell Schafer
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Until next Tuesday, have a great week and take care of yourself.
Stay healthy, happy and smiling! :~)


Eva Browne-Paterson

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© by Joe Vitale - www.mrfire.com

I admit it. I'm frustrated. I'm tired of getting emails from people who
write, "I can't do what you did because ---."

Just fill in the blank with whatever excuse you can think of. People
say they can't write as many books as I have because they don't
have the time, or they're too old, or too young, or too married, or
too single.

People say they can't make their book a best-seller like I did because
their book is different, or they're different, or the timing is different.

People say they can't ask celebrities for endorsements because they
feel insignificant, or insulting, or imposing.

The list of excuses is endless. Here are some more actual ones I've

"You're more famous than me. I could never write people and ask for
their help, as they wouldn't give me the time of day."

I started asking people for help, advice, input, suggestions and direction
when I was a teenager. I have letters from FBI king J. Edgar Hoover,
boxing legend Jack Dempsey, and master magician John Mulholland. I
was certainly unknown then. Yet people always helped me. I've managed
to connect with Evel Kneivel, Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter, best-selling
authors and more -- and I did it before anyone knew my name. I simply
ASKED for their help. They were kind and replied. Today I'm doing the
same for anyone who writes me who sounds sincere and respectful.

"You have a large network of people to ask for things."

Yes, I do. NOW. But I didn't when I first started. I developed my network
by building relationships. I reached out to people, helped them, they
helped me, and trust was formed. Because I've nurtured my relationships
online for almost ten years now, a bond is set. When I announce that I
want contributions for a new book, my network responds. When they
want something, I respond. I was able to compile all the information for
my most recent book, "The E-Code: 47 Surprising Secrets for Making
Money Online Almost Instantly," in less than 7 days -- all because I
asked my network for help.

"You have a big mailing list so you can sell things faster."

I went online with no mailing list. NONE. I didn't even recognize the
importance of having my own list until one day I offered my first e-class
to my then tiny list and made $22,500 in one week. Then I woke up.
I've been working on building my email list ever since. Anyone can do it.
And while you're waiting to do it, you can always joint-venture with
people who already have mailing lists. How? Just ASK. One day some
person in Norway wrote me. He wanted to know if I would help him sell
his new software. I liked his program and agreed. He didn't have a list.
I did. He had software. I liked it. I did a mailing and split the profits with
him. It was a win-win.

"You are more talented as a copywriter so you can sell better than me."

I learned to be a copywriter by investing time, money and effort into
studying the greats and getting out there and doing it. My first sales
letters were garbage. I still write and rewrite to make my letters as
hypnotic as I can. I wasn't born writing, reading, or even walking. I
learned it all. Can't you?

"I don't have anything to offer free to get people to buy what I am selling."

There are a million things for free online. You can find 1000's -- 1000's!
of free e-books online. Just grab a few and offer them as your incentives
to get people to buy your product or service. Anyone can do this. Just
look around online. The fruit is there for the picking. I've seen people
take classics of literature---now in the public domain and available as
e-books---and offer them as incentives for prospects to buy their
product. It works. How do you find them? SEARCH.

"I can't teach an e-class like you because I have no credentials."

Your credentials are you. They are your life experiences more than
anything else. Few today care about whether you have a degree or any
other credential. They care if you can deliver on whatever you promise.
My lifemate, Nerissa, is about to teach an online video editing class.
Anything you can teach off-line can be taught on-line. With video, audio,
graphics, text, and chat rooms, you can have a virtual classroom on
ANYTHING you can imagine. Why not?

"I can't make money selling my stuff on the Internet."

Look around. The Internet is so big and vast and even incomprehensible
that truly anything can be sold online. I've seen people sell tumble weeds
and buggy whips, greeting cards and computer generated art. Anything
sold off-line can be sold on-line. Go look at Ebay. People sell cars, used
clothes, dirt and even snow there. I once sold an "Elvis Mermaid" at Ebay.
(You can see a picture of it at www.mrfire.com) Are there really any
limits to what can be sold online?

"I missed the right time to sell my idea."

Really? Just look at the title of one of my books: "There's A Customer Born
Every Minute." A new crowd of prospects appears every single day. You
can sell virtually anything at virtually any time if you think of what people
want and cater to them. Sometimes you have to think of other uses for
the same product, or other audiences than what you originally had in mind.
But the best time to sell what you have is now. What are you waiting for?

"You live in America and I live in Mexico and selling doesn't work here."

Give me a break. Friends of mine always go to Mexico (and other countries
said to be behind us) and they come home with truck loads of things they
bought. Besides that, with the Internet, where you live is almost
meaningless. Take your product and go online. Then you're not selling to
your poor neighbors, but to the entire planet. Think BIG. The list goes on.

To me, excuses are the #1 thing people do wrong -- online and off. While
all of these excuses seem legit to the person saying them, they are
virtually all hogwash.

Excuses are beliefs. If you buy into them, you're stuck. If you believe
instead that there's always a way around whatever the excuse is, then
you'll move forward. My philosophy is, "There is ALWAYS a way."

So let me try to help you here. First, what are your excuses?

When I began this article by asking the question, "I can't do what you
did because ---", what did you say? How did you complete the sentence?
Those are some of your excuses.

Second, ask yourself if there's any way on earth to get around your
excuses. In other words, are the excuses you stated real or imagined?
Have you tried to get past any of them? Has anyone else, ever, gotten
past the same excuses?

Finally, what would you do if you had no excuses?

Whatever your answer, get out there and JUST DO IT. Leave your
excuses behind and your prosperity will begin to come to you. Leave
your excuses behind and you can achieve success, too. Leave your
excuses behind and your life will begin to soar.

If you don't act now, why not? Whatever your answer, THAT'S an excuse.
Are you going to let it stop you?
About the Author: Dr. Joe Vitale's most recent book, co-authored with Jo Han Mok
and a cast of Internet celebrities and super stars, is "The E-Code: 47 Surprising
Secrets for Making Money Online Almost Instantly." Joe is also the author of the
#1 Amazon best-seller, "Spiritual Marketing," the author of the #1 best-selling
e-book "Hypnotic Writing," and the author of the #1 best-selling Nightingale-Conant
audioprogram, "The Power of Outrageous Marketing." His newest book is "Adventures
Within: Confessions of an Inner World Journalist," available now at www.amazon.com
Sign-up for his free monthly newsletter at http://www.mrfire.com

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