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ThriftyFun News
Organizing Your Workshop
Volume Seven, Number 18 April 29, 2005


Today's TF News is about Organizing Your Workshop. I hope enjoy
it. If you have any more organization tips to share, feel free
to submit them on the contest form.

Thanks for reading,


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This newsletter contains:

- A Peg Board To Organize a Workshop
- Saw Blades in Record Album Covers
- Looking Through Small Items
- Storing Paint Cans
- Hanging Tools
- Avoiding Workbench Clutter
- Storing Items In Baby Food Jars
- For Safety - Keep A Neat Shop
- Storing Sandpaper
- Organizing Extension Cords and Other Wires
- Twist Ties and Rubber Bands
- Storage for Brooms and Mops
- Organize Tools With Fishing Tackle Boxes
- Attach Jars to Your Shelves
- Saw Dust Gutter for Your Workshop
- Save Manuals For Tools and Appliances
- Freezer Containers For The Workshop

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Tip Contest

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In our contest we are giving away two $25.00 Gift Cards (we will
select two winners at random) at one of the following stores:
Home Depot, Jo-Ann's Crafts or Amazon.com. If you are one of the
winners, you get to choose which gift card! This contest ends on
April 30th, 2005.

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Organizing Your Workshop

A Peg Board To Organize a Workshop

The best way to organize a workshop is to use a peg board. After
you hang an item on the peg board, draw a line around it, that
way you won't have to guess what goes where once everything has a
place. We also keep screws and such in baby food jars, we nail
the jar lids to the wall. It's a real space saver.


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Saw Blades in Record Album Covers

A good place to store saw blades is in unwanted record album
covers. If you don't have any record albums just visit garage
sales on Sunday when people are closing down their sale. You
likely find someone will to give away some records.

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Looking Through Small Items

When looking for a small nail, screw, button. pin, etc, in your
can or jar of misfits and/or left-overs, be sure to dump them on
newspaper, typing paper, or magazine. When finished, just lift,
form in a "vee" and pour back in can or jar. Beats picking them
up a few at a time.

By Andrew Caldarelli

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Storing Paint Cans

Before storing paint, put some paint on the top and side of the
can so you can easily see what color it is. If the can is almost
empty, transfer it to a smaller container since paint cans take
up a lot of shelf space. If you may want to try to recreate the
color in the future, write the color information on a piece of
paper and tape it to the side of the paint can.

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Hanging Tools

If you enough wall space, hang shovels and other garden tools
upside down on your walls. For smaller tools you can get a peg
board that you can mount on your wall and fit with a variety of
pegs and hooks and store tools that you need to have handy.

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Avoiding Workbench Clutter

Keep a garbage can right by your workbench to keep debris from
cluttering up your work area. If you have more than one work area
put a trash can next to each. Try to find convenient place to
store items like safety goggles so that they are near where you
used them the most, hanging them on the gall by your table saw
for example. Keep a small hand broom near your work bench to
sweep debris into a garbage can.

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Storing Items In Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars are great for storing small nails, screws and
other items so that they are easy to see. You can put the jars in
a old spice race to keep them together. You can also attach the
metal lids to the underside of a shelf, the jars can then hang
from the shelf and be seen easily.

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For Safety - Keep A Neat Shop

A cluttered, sawdust-filled shop encourages accidents. Keep the
floor around machines clear of obstructions that could trip you
at a vulnerable moment. Sweep up sawdust as necessary. It may
make your shop floor slippery, just as sand does on a
shuffleboard table.

By joesgirl

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Storing Sandpaper

Store your sandpaper in a three ring binder. Just uses some
pocket folders to keep the sandpaper organized by different grits
in the binder. Label the binding of the three ring binder
"Sandpaper" so that it's easy to see when sitting on shelf.

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Organizing Extension Cords and Other Wires

Tips for preventing extra cords and wires from becoming a tangled
mess. Post your ideas.

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Twist Ties and Rubber Bands

Twist ties work well for wrapping up power tool cords and keeping
wires together. Rubber bands also have a variety of uses and are
good to keep handy. Take an old bike inner tube and cut it into
rings to make some heavy duty rubber bands.

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Storage for Brooms and Mops

Brooms and mops left standing on their bristles or heads wear out
sooner. It is worth the investment to buy a plastic hanging
storage piece for them.

By Robin

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Organize Tools With Fishing Tackle Boxes

Fishing tackle boxes work great for keeping small power tools and
their accessories and bits organized. Whenever I see fishing
tackle box at a garage sale or rummage sale I grab it. You can
uses stencils and spray paint to label the outside of the box.

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Attach Jars to Your Shelves

When you have loads of small things to store in your shed or
workshop, such as nails, screws, etc, here's a cool tip:

Save jam jars and screw the lids to the underside of your
workshop shelves. You can see what is in the jars and
screw/unscrew the jar of your choice. Just make sure your shelf
is secure and sturdy enough to take the extra weight.

By chickybiker

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Saw Dust Gutter for Your Workshop

A good use for old gutters, either wood or metal, is a debris
gutter for the side of you work bench. Just attach it to the side
of your work bench so that you can sweep debris and saw dust into
it. You can have it at an angle so that it drains into a garbage
can. Pretty nifty!


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Save Manuals For Tools and Appliances

Operator's manuals are valuable. They tell how to safely use an
appliance or tool, where to get it repaired, and often how to
make adjustments or repairs yourself. They also enhance the value
of an item if you eventually decide to sell it. But these manuals
tend to disappear, in the shop or in the bottoms of drawers.
Place them in a folder and tuck the folder in the home files. In
the workshop, manuals can be hung on a nail near the tool they
pertain to.

By joesgirl

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Freezer Containers For The Workshop

The transparent Glad-Ware Soup/Salad containers make excellent
storage boxes for anything from buttons to screws or staples or
nails. They have a solid lip around the top, and they slide like
drawers if you use the louvered panels from the backs of old
fridges as dividing walls between stacks of them.

You can of course make the side and dividing walls from wood or a
couple of layers of strong cardboard and just cut grooves into
them for the container lips to slide in. That way you can take
one container from the bottom without knocking the whole stack

Those Soup/Salad containers are about $2 for five and are quite
durable, as long as you don't step on them.

By DearWebby

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