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"Tails" about kitties, facts, helpful information,
and FUN . . . for people who LOVE cats


ISSN 1552-938X

Sunday, March 27, 2005


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Welcome to CAT TAILS Newsletter!

Special greetings to our new subscribers. Thanks so much for
subscribing. I hope these mailings each week will bring you a
smile or chuckle about my favorite subject . . . cats!

Some of the topics vary each week, drawing from facts and quotes
about cats, articles about health and behavior issues, or tips,
but we always have a couple of cute, funny, charming or
thoughtful kitty "tails," sprinkled with a bit of humor and fun.

Please feel fr e e to share this newsletter with others who love
cats, but we ask that you forward it in its entirety with a
personal note so they will know it came from you.

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Happy Easter! What a wonderful, joyful time of the year. I hope
all of you have had a blessed day with the promise of Easter in
your heart.

It is bittersweet for me. Rio is gone. There is no doubt that
it was simply her time to go. Within days, less than six, after
her last examination by Dr. Weber her tumors literally seemed to
spread like wildfire and there were many more than before her
surgery. Although she ate a few bites late Tuesday night, by
Wednesday morning it was obvious she was in distress. I was not
ready for her to leave me, but I knew the time had come. Bless
her heart. What a good cat.

Thanks for your prayers and so many kind emails. I appreciate
them more than you know. Through tears, life moves on.

This week's Mewsings is a quote that I wish each person on earth
would take to heart. I believe our pets give us a daily tiny
glimpse of God's abundant, unconditional love. Everyone should
be so blessed as we.

Feline Facts reveals the key to a successful relationship between
cat and human. Next week we will have some good information
about how to maintain the key.

Our "tail" about cats has an amazing story of the dedication of
an 83-year-old man to his cat. Although he had limited
resources, a huge amount of determination made the difference!

Your Healthy Cat has an article relating to obesity in cats and
dogs. It seems to be a growing problem for our pets, as it is
for humans. Having sat in Dr. Weber's waiting room for
considerable periods of time over the last several weeks, I
certainly witnessed evidence for concern. Just guessing, I would
estimate at least an overall 50 percent of the dogs visiting the
clinic were significantly overweight with a higher percentage for
small, lap dogs being the basis for the high average. The cats
were tucked away in carriers, so I could make no observations on
them. If your cat is overweight, there is a potential for it
leading to a number of health problems if not given attention. I
strongly recommend discussing it with your veterinarian.

Albeit a bit belated, a great witty about kitties comes from
Whiskas, the cat food company, in the for.m of New Year's
resolutions. I edited some of the "rules" and added others.

Finally, all the way at The Tail End is the link to a short, but
very cute Easter webpage that will make you smile.

Hope you enjoy!

Take care, have a great week, and kiss your kitties for me!

Annette Fincher
Editor and Publisher


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains

~ Anatole France

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Athena Wishes You a Happy Easter

This print and more available from:
< http://www.deviantART.com/deviation/16488976/>


The key to a successful new relationship between a cat and human
is patience.

~ Susan Easterly


Senior's 7-Hour Cat Walk Saves Ailing Pet Feline

A feisty 83-year-old man on a fixed income was so determined to
get fr e e care for his cat with a life-threatening illness, he
walked about seven miles in the bone-chilling cold from his
Somerville home to Jamaica Plain after being turned away by a
token collector.

"We figured he wasn't going to last long," said Joseph Burke, who
boxed up his 4-year-old cat, Nicky, and walked to MSPCA-Angell.
"I thought if I got him her.e, he'd be all right. And if he
wasn't, they'd put him to sleep."

Burke started to worry Tuesday night, Dec. 14, when his cat
wouldn't eat, couldn't defecate and his stomach started to swell.

On Wednesday afternoon, he bundled the little black feline into a
cardboard box that was tied with string and began the long walk
through 20-degree temps without gloves.

When he got to the MBTA Red Line, he tried to hop the train. But
at the turnstile, the token collector turned him away.

"They didn't know what I had in the box, so they said I couldn't
take it on the train," he said.

Reached Friday, MBTA officials cited its policy that small pets
must be carried in a secure animal carrier, as is the policy in
New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., according to MBTA
spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

The only thought of turning back home for Burke, a retired
security guard who used to walk quite a bit on a shift, was when
he no longer felt movement in the box.

"I opened the box," he said. "I figured he might have passed
away, but he was alert, looking at me with his head up and clear

He said he arrived at MSPCA-Angell seven hours later and turned
his bundle over to Dr. Rochelle Low, who diagnosed Nicky with a
urinary obstruction.

Nicky, who could have died if he wasn't treated, was given
anesthesia and taken in for a 20-minute emergency surgery to
remove the blockage.

She commended Burke for his determination to get his pet help.

"I was touched," she said. "There was no question in my mind he
was going to do anything he could for this cat."

Surgical costs amounted to $700, which will be covered by the pet
care assistance fund. Donations, however, are being accepted.

Donations can be sent to Pet Care Assistance Fund-Nicky's Story,
MSPCA Angell, 350 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130.

~ Franci Richardson/Boston Herald
Thursday, December 23, 2004

Somerville Journal - Somerville,MA,USA
< http://www2.townonline.com/somerville/localRegional/view.bg?articleid=151619 >

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The (Real) Easter Bunny Caught Napping


Hope for Fat Cats in the U.K.

Britain's first w.eight loss clinic for pets has been launched -
with a fat cat called Clarence its first patient.

The Fat Camp, or Royal Canin W.eight Management Clinic, has been
established at the Un.iver.sity of Liverpool's Small Animal
Hospital to tackle the growing problem of portly pets.

It will do pioneering research into why pampered pets are
increasingly prone to "human lifestyle" illnesses linked to their
obesity such as diabetes in cats, arthritis in dogs and even

The clinic will take in fat, lazy and sad cats and dogs referred
to it by veterinary practices across Merseyside.

Alex German, head of the new clinic, said it was not a Priory for
Pets but aimed to help animals, their owners and do much-needed

Dr German, the owner of eight-year-old Clarence, said: "We are a
referral service for vets.

"There are some obvious strong parallels with human obesity and
obesity in pets, they share the same environment so it is not

~ Copyright © 2005. The Sydney Morning Herald, February 4, 2005
Sydney, New South Wales,Australia
< http://www.smh.com.au/news/Unusual-Tales/Hope-for-fat-cats/2005/02/03/1107409992835.html >


New Year's Resolutions For Your Feline Friends

We all know the tradition for making New Year's Resolutions for
ourselves, but what resolutions would you like your feline
friends to make? Below we give you some of our own ideas . . .

D.ear Cats,

Her.e are your New Year's Resolutions;

When I tell you to move, it means go somewhere else, not switch
positions with each other so there are still two of you in the

The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food.
The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Placing a paw
print in the middle of my plate of food does not stake a claim,
it does not become your food;

Remember, the stairway is not a racetrack. Beating me to the
bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I
fall faster than you can run;

I cannot buy anything b.igger than a king-size bed. I am very
sorry about this. Do not think I will continue to sleep on the
couch to ensure your comfort. Look at videos of cats sleeping -
they can actually curl up in a ball. It is not necessary to
sleep perpendicular to each other, stretched out to your fullest
extent possible;

For the last time, there is no se.cret exit from the bathroom.
If, by some miracle, I beat you there and manage to get the door
shut, it is not then necessary for you to claw, meow, try to turn
the knob, or get your paw under the edge and try to pull the door
open. I must exit through the same door I entered. In addition,
I have been using the bathroom for years - feline attendance is
not mandatory.

As a reward for you being good in 2005 -as I'm sure you will be-
I have posted the following message on our front door.

Rules for non-pet owners who visit and like to complain about our
pets . . .

1. My pets live h.ere. You don't.

2. It's their home. I merely pay the mort.gage and bow to
their every whim, as you must as well should you decide to enter.

3. If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the
furniture. (That's why they call it "FUR"niture.)

4. If you see cat or dog hair on my clothes, please resist
pointing and laughing behind my back. You should congratulate me
for getting as much off with the tape wand as I did.

5. To you, my pets are animals. To me, my cats and dogs are
adopted sons and daughters who are short, hairy, walk on all
fours and don't speak clearly.

6. All food items must be shared with my parrot. I assume no
responsibility for blood loss or other personal injury as a
result of your failure to feed the hungry beak.

7. Animals are excellent judges of character. Don't blame me
if they hiss, bark or squawk at you.

8. Dogs and cats are better than kids. They eat less, don't
ask for mo.ney all the time, and are easier to train (sometimes).
They usually come when called (yes, even the cats), n.ever drive
your car, don't smoke or drink, don't worry about having to buy
the latest fashions, don't wear your clothes, and don't need a
gazillion dollars for college.

9. Still he.re? Ring the bell . . . if you dare. Without a
pet, only a portion of your heart is functioning--so, beware! A
little cat hair and feather dust in your lungs may correct that.

[Rules Adapted from Whiskas' original version by Annette Fincher]

< http://www.whiskas.co.uk/whiskas/en-gb/Articles/Lifestyle/New+Years+resolutions+for+your+feline+friends.htm?Section=&GUID={D1C39055-9B97-42EC-B974-343E64A4F2CC}&HideHeader=true >


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