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Biz Site Biz E-zine Gives you powerful weekly tips and resources for marketing and promoting online. Free 25 page report on Website Automation when you subscribe

Publisher Q&A

How long have you published Biz Site Biz E-Zine?
Publisher: We have been publishing online for about 9 years now. Started in March of 1999 after being around the net for a few years.
How did you get started publishing Biz Site Biz E-Zine?
Publisher: I have always had an interest in promotion with a background in Radio and TV advertising as well as counseling. As a writer and counselor I enjoy writing articles and helping people solve their promotion needs.
What can a reader expect from an issue of Biz Site Biz E-Zine?
Publisher: An original approach to the ezine including original aricles to share my background experience as a webmaster and publisher and teacher.
What is the most rewarding aspect of publishing Biz Site Biz E-Zine?
Publisher: Helping others on line to succeed with whatever they are trying to do. Helping them learn the rules of the road and giving it to them with a how-to-do-it approach so they can do it for themselves.
Is there anything else that you like to mention about Biz Site Biz E-Zine?
Publisher: We started out with just a computer and telephone line just like you. We will do our best to cut the learning curve shorter for you and will be excited to see your progress. Come on down and join us as we discover better ways to promote and advertise on line.

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