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Rachael here. Welcome to issue #83 of the
"The Genuine Truth" newsletter.

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I have a big rant this week. Something has been
driving me nuts for weeks and I have tried to
hold it in, but I just can't anymore.

Everywhere you go on the internet there are ezines
and other things to sign up for, right? Under almost
all of them say "We don't accept yahoo, hotmail or
Aol addresses' or some variation of the three.

So let me ask you a question, what do they expect us
to use? I personally have an aol address for personal
mail and a yahoo for business. everyon*e I know has
one of the above.

Yes Aol has strict filters, but I have only found one
email that I wanted in the junk folder. Yahoo's
filters are pretty bad I have lots of stuff in the
junk folder, but I check it just the same as my
"real" email because I know the filters suck.

So I come across these "we don't accept" forms
and you know what I do? I sign up with my domain
mail and it gets forwarded to my yahoo account. :)

Also someone should tell these people that Yes Yahoo
has a FRE*E email, but they also have paid services.
I am so sick of hearing about "I get too many
yahoo's and hotmail's on my list" people DO check
those accounts. Yes I know some set up a FRE*E
account and sign up for things without checking the
account, but you could do that with any account. I
think AOL gives me 8 email accounts what is stopping
me from making one a "bogus" account?

Ok Ok I will stop. That has just been crawling under
my skin for awhile now.

Send me you comments on this to
comments@infoproductscentral.com I will add some of
them to the feedback section and I guess I need to
remind you that if you send in your comments you get
to include your link. That is called FRE*E
advertising! So why aren't you taking advantage of it?

This week we continue with the "List Build Success
Interviews" series conducted by Patric Chan. In case
you missed the last few issues and you're a little
confused with this, Patric Chan did with a number of
well known and successful marketers, focusing on how
to build a huge list of subscribers quickly & easily.

Each week you will be able to download one of
interviews in the series so that over a period of a
few weeks you will have access to all interviews.

These interviews contain very valuable information
and some of the strategies mentioned are real gems
and will definitely help you in what should be your
major focus with your online business, building your
subscriber list.

Today you can grab the third interview in the series,
a 22-page interview transcript with Anik Singal. Anik

is a 21 year old graduating college student who
started online over 2 years ago and has since become
an expert affiliate marketer and niche marketer. Even
though he is relatively new to the net, he is already
earning a multiple 6-figure income from his internet

In this interview Anik discusses two main strategies
he has used to build a huge optin list that has
helped him to achieve significant success online.
You can get your transcript here...


In next week's issue you will be able to download
the last interview in the series, so keep an eye out
for it!


Google Site Map Generators...

You may have seen the new rage of people offering
software that creates sitemaps to get you index
quickly in Google via their "backdoor" by doing it
the way they want you to do it, ie according to
Google's specification.

Well today we've got a gift for you. It's a special
report that shows you how to get two f'r'e'e
Google Site Map Generators that run circles around
all others.

No tricks, and not against Google rules... Google
actually wants you to submit your pages this way.

Others are charging you up to $147 for this
information and software that is not as easy to
use and not nearly as thorough. But today you
are getting it F'R'E'E...

For all the details, go here now...


Yes I know that members of the old ezine have
seen this, but it is soooo valuable that I
thought I should offer again.


One of your primary goals as an internet marketer
should be to gain independence by creating multiple
income streams, then put them on full or semi auto
pilot so they can f'r'e'e-up your time to spend
doing the things you really want.

But in order to be more independent, you need to
create new revenue streams to get more mon'ey
coming in. So how do you do that?

One of the more exciting ways to do that is to create
your own Info-Products. But if you've never created
an Audio, Ebook, CD or any other type of info-product
before, then where exactly do you start?

The answer is, first you need an info-product idea.

But coming up with the ideas FOR info-products
baffles a lot of people. And if you don't have any
ideas then you can never get your info-product off
the ground...and you're stuck doing the same old
thing day after day.

So that's why, in the spirit of independence, Marlon
Sanders has decided to give you a copy of his "23
Ideas for Info Products" 40-minute audio program.

Marlon doesn't want anything in exchange for the
audio, other than your promise that you'll listen to
the WHOLE thing until you've got more ideas than you
know what to do with, or you reach the end of the
audio. Whichever comes first :o)

To listen to the audio just go here...


For your enjoyment (and information), here's this
week's quick trivia question...

What is the shortest complete sentence in the English

As usual the answer can be found later in the

By the way this section had a vote last week and I
guess a large amount of people just don't care, but
I did get a few yes's so I will keep it for awhile.


A few weeks ago I started a contest to see who could
get the most people to sign up for this newsletter.
Well I came up with some juicy new stuff to add to
the jackpot.

Remember last weeks mailing about the ezine circle

Well I get a few fre*e ads a month for doing it, but
instead of keeping these for myself I want to give
them to you. Actually I want you to win them. So
added to the already big jackpot are:

First Place now gets 2 Sassy Ads - worth $ 75 it is a
5 Line a*d sent out to over 64,000 readers. You get
one a month for two months.

Second Place now gets 2 TrafficMistress Ads - worth $
45 it is a 5 Line a*d sent out to over 4,700 readers.
Same as above one a month for two months.

I have also added a Third Place. For Third Place you
get one ebook from the list like everyon*e that has
someone to sign up and 2 Nifty Ads - worth $ 25 placed
in the Nifty Thrifty Edition and sent out by 66,000

So get to work!

Also for those of you that have added my newsletter
to your recommended section. Those do count, but you
need to add that they need to place your name or
ezine to the "how did you hear about us" part.


"Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your
right to be wrong, because then you will lose the
ability to learn new things and move forward with
your life."
-- Dr. David M. Burns

Ok, way too much rambling for today... enjoy the

All the best,

Rachael Willis

P.S. If you're a new subscriber or missed the last
issue, you can view all past copies at:

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"Must Have Marketing Resources'

A collection of resources taken from back
issues of M.C. Promotions Press Ezine.
Published for over 5 years I've taken
the "cream of the crop" and compiled them
into this 65 page ebook that will help YOU
in your life as an Online Entrepreneur.
Get YOUR copy now at..

Just a note I bought this and it sits on my desktop,
because I refer to it all of the time.

>>>>>>> Featured Article <<<<<<<<

Using Ezine Advertising for Selling Affiliate

©2005 Jude Wright

Are you using ezine advertising for your affiliate
marketing? If you are, what kind of ads are you

A lot of affiliate programs pre-write classified and
solo ads for their products. This is good when a
product is fairly new, but as an ezine publisher I
have seen the same tired old ads for more than three
years. The products may be good products. BUT you
can't sell it if the a*d you are using has been seen
hundreds or thousands of times. You are just wasting
your money.

When you join an affiliate program, do look at those
ads but don't use the ads as they are written. Try
to find the main benefits that the ads showcase and
find a creative way to rewrite an a*d to show the
benefits in a different way.

To be successful with ezine advertising you must do
some research. Look at not only the pre-written ads
but also at the sales copy of the product. Maybe the
a*d writer missed a major benefit. Find that benefit
and craft your a*d based on that benefit.

And speaking of benefits: don't try to list all the
benefits of a product in one short a*d. It will make
the a*d too wordy and confusing.

Write a headline using one of the benefits. Most
people who read ezine ads skim the headlines to see
if there is anything of interest to them. If they
see something, they'll read the rest of the a*d.

Write about five headlines and five ads. Now, mix it
up: Try each headline with each of the different ads.

Does it make sense? If so, keep it as a full a*d and
go to the next headline and a*d. Continue until
you've used them all.

Now, test your ads. Use a click-tracking program like
clickaudit.com which is FRE*E for a limited number of
links. Use a separate tracker for each different a*d,
and for each ezine that you send an a*d to.

Try sending your ads to ezines which offer FRE*E
advertising first to see which a*d pulls the best.
Then try a different headline with a different a*d
and see how it does. When you feel you have found a
good combination go on to paid ezine ads such as top
sponsor and solo ads. Keep tracking!

How do you find newsletters to submit your ads to? Go
to the newsletter (ezine) directories. Type
"ezine+directories" (without the quotes) into the
search engine browser and you'll find hundreds of
them. Make sure that the ezine is geared to your
target market - the people that would be interested
in your affiliate product.

Another place to submit your ads is to the various
ezine co-ops like http://threedollarads.com,
http://subscribeme.net or http://mywizardads.com. You
can get your a*d seen to a lot more readers than by
submitting to single newsletters.

One last item. Don't expect to make any real sales
commissions at first. It will take rewriting and
submitting your ads to many ezines before you find
the right combination. You can only expect about a
.05% to a 1.25 percent click-through from your ads.
So you can tell...it doesn't happen overnight. Don't
be discouraged. Practice makes perfect -
well almost :)


Jude Wright is the owner of 10 websites and the
publisher of About Affiliates Ezine where you
can learn all about choosing and promoting
affiliate programs and avoiding costly scams.

If you would like your article featured here like
Jude (who is a subscriber) please send it to me.

>>>>> Tips & Techniques <<<<<

6 winnin*g Subject Lines
by Paul Penafiel

Killer subject lines plays a crucial role in any
email campaign ads whether you're using safelists,
autoresponders, ezine solo ads or any opt-list where
email is involved. Your headline will make or break
your return on your investment.

Here are six subject lines that have worked for me in
the past which I'm sure will work for you too in the
future. The technology will always change but peoples
desire to succeed will not.

1. Promote Your URL Here - Fr'ee!

For whatever reasons, I've had so much success using
this headline when promoting FRE*E classified sites,
safelists, and those viral a*d boards.

2. Hi, My name is Paul

This works simply because it raises prospects
curiosity. I'm always sucker for this subject line.
Who's this Paul anyway?

3. I need your help, please?

There's something about being a human, always
wanting to help another human being, It's hard to
explain,it just works.

4. Bob, I haven't received your shipping address

What! my shipping address? why do you need my
shipping address for. I saw this headline from
another well known internet marketing guru and got
my attention.

5. How my site got listed #1 on Google, for fr'ee!

This subject line made several sales from
Trafficswarm traffic exchange program when I was
promoting an affiliate program about search engine
e-book. Even made more sales with ezine solo ads
using the same headline.

6. Paul, Please accept my sincerest apology.

When I saw this subject line from an email, my first
reaction was, "who/why/what are you sorry
about?...huh?" Exactly it got my attention and my
curiosity. The sender was apologizing for not
sending that email sooner which was about a new
traffic exchange program. Good grief.

In conclusion, make your subject line so compelling
that it's almost irresistible for your prospects not
to open the email message. If you can hypnotize your
readers with cleaver subject lines, you are half way
to making a sale.

About the author:

Paul Penafiel belongs to Lifestylenetworker community
who teach and gives away FRE*E ebooks and resources
to newbie internet marketers. For more info, please
visit us today at http://tinyurl.com/hmky

>>>>> Review of the Week <<<<<

I added another membership site review to my site
this week.

This is a private label and exclusive products
membership site. As you may know private label
products are products where you can add your name as

Private Label Rights are a great way to have and
instant biz, but they are usually expensive. This
membership is less than a dollar a day and not only
do you get private label rights, but EXCLUSIVE rights
products too. These products aren't all over the
internet, because you can only get them with this

Go check out my review on Digital Resale Rights Club
=> http://www.infoproductscentral.com/review/drr.html

As an update to my site it is getting very close to
being finished. Hopefully next week :)

>>>>> Trivia Question Answer <<<<<

Here's the answer to the trivia question I asked

What is the shortest complete sentence in the English

"Go." is the shortest complete sentence in the
English language.

Hmmm... how about you GO and start building you
business today :o)

>>>>>>>>>> Feedback Loop <<<<<<<<<<

This area is just for you to speak out.

Comment on articles I've run in the newsletter, give
me your thoughts on changes or your a*d testing
results or questions relating to your business, etc.

In other words, just talk to me about what you think
I need to do to improve the newsletter.

Be sure to include your website address too, because
if I use your comments in a future issue of the
newsletter, I'll thank you by posting your address
so that you can get additional f'ree traffic to your

Email your questions or replies to:

>>>>> ____ of the Week <<<<<

This week news.

As I am sure all of you have heard London has been
terrorized and Dennis has caused destruction.

I'm sorry to anyone who had family or friends in
those areas.

My mother and grandmother live in Gulf Shores, Al so
they have now been hit hard twice this year. I live
in North Alabama so we ended up with the tail end of

Is greenzap a scam? Read about it here =>
You don't need to miss this if you have an account.

>>>>> Recommended Ezines <<<<<

This new section is for recommended ezines and
newsletters. I personally subscribe to these. I will
NOT recommend one that I do not subscribe to.

Weekly newsletter for the online business
opportunit*y seeker and network marketer. Each issue
contains resources, articles, tips and more. Send in
your business opportunities to feature in the ezine,
send in your tips, your profile, have your website
reviewed and more....best of all win FRE*E CASH &
ADVERTISING just by reading each issue. Subscribe for
fre*e at http://www.freedailycash.com and claim your
FRE*E membership to Ultimate Four worth $26/mth.

Subscribe to About Affiliates Ezine to learn about
affiliate marketing: how to choose & promote programs
and how to avoid scams. Rated A1 by Best Ezines.

>>>>> Your Ads <<<<<

Hmmmm. Since only one of you sent an a*d in this week
I guess she will have a feature spot here. Please
note that solo type ads are not usually allowed here.
She has special permission because of the lack of

Sick of being taken for a ride, losing money, never
making an income, no support, useless products.....

Here is a no hype way of finally making a real and
easy income online.

Would you like to be part of a friendly and fun
team, have only one website to promote yet still have
multiple income streams? Would you like step by step
training on learning to market online for
fre*e...would you like access to all the tools you
need to do this and more?

Have you joined numerous opportunities in the
past, only to discover they disappear a few months
later, or they offer no help or support or the
products are not worth a cent...after all, how can
you be expected to promote a product or service that
is of no use to you and you do not believe in?

There are literally THOUSANDS of programs online all
promising you riches... Promising their program is
the best, the next big thing! The only one you'll
ever need be a part of.....you'll have seen it all

If you've ever felt disappointed or disheartened by
a business opportunit*y... or if you have been
simply ripped off or SCAMMED... then please consider

I started EarnMoneyHere.com after joining every 'next
big thing' going, after losing countless hundreds
to online scams, buying pointless products and
reports and just never getting anywhere. I was sick
of joining a program and then never hearing from my
sponsor and getting no help and support from the
company....so I set up my own.

I want my members to succeed...happy contented
members bring in more members....Members earning
money tell others and so help the program grow.....

As part of your membership you are placed in 3
stable, high paying programs which will earn you
multiple income streams and get you access to
excellent online training, tools and products.

If you have never succeeded before....
If every opportunit*y you join goes down the plug..
If you want a reliable business opportunit*y
around for years to come..
If you want multiple income streams each month....

Then please visit

Any queries please do contact me. I am looking for
a few motivated and dedicated individuals. I have
recently removed a number of inactive people who
failed to answer emails or be part of the team- these
positions are empty and need filling.

Send Your Ads to
>>>>> That's a Wrap <<<<<

That wraps up another week's newsletter and I hope
you enjoyed this issue.

Don't forget to send me any comments or questions
you may have to the Feedback Loop. I would be only
too happy to help you in any way that I can.

From time to time I'll send you important updates
that will provide information that has the potential
to greatly improve your online busi'ness... and of
course your prof'its!

However, you can rest assured that I will only ever
recommend products that are considered to be of HIGH
value and will provide indisputably benefits to help
you grow your busi'ness... that's my guaran'tee!

Your frien*d,

Rachael Willis

Recommend "The Genuine Truth" to your
friends. Subscription requests should be sent to:

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We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the
content, profitability or legality of any published
articles or advertisements contained within .

And, although all of the articles have been selected
for their content, the publishing of such articles
within this newsletter does NOT constitute a
recom'mendation of the products or services mentioned
or a*dvertised within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own Due Diligence
before responding to any offer.


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